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Getty_1264743459 The severe weather that came through the Village last evening caused a lot of wind damage resulting in lots of branches being down and even some whole trees.

Only the branches and trees in the Right of Way (R.O.W.) and street area are the responsibility of the Village and those branches or trees down in the Street Right-of-Way or in the Street will be cleaned up and hauled away by the Village DPW crew, if not already cleaned up by Edison Electric contractors.

For storm debris in any private yards, the Village contracts with our garbage collection company (GLF) to haul away yard waste as long as it is placed properly at the road.  Link for more information. For yard waste material that does not meet acceptable standards for yard waste collection by GFL, other methods of disposal will be required by the property owner.

The DPW will make one final pass through the Village Streets on Friday morning to collect and process the storm debris that is from the R.O.W. area. No collection of any storm debris will be done by the Village DPW after Friday morning, July 23rd.

The OXFORD Village COUNCIL recently adopted a adult-use Marijuana Ordinance

A protest petition that was presented to the Village Council prior to the June 8th meeting was reviewed by Rowe Professional Services. The calculations of the land area related to the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act section 125.3403(b) were the subject of the protest petition review. Rowe  calculated the land area within the 100’ buffer around the parcels subject to the proposed change in the zoning ordinance. The petition fell short of the 20% threshold that would've required a 2/3 majority vote for the adoption of the changes to the zoning ordinance. Therefore the ordinance was adopted at the June 8th meeting and will be in effect August 2nd 2021.

View the Marijuana Ordinance
View the Potential Permitted Parcel Map


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Sign Ordinance 2During the Restore M-24 Construction Project, the Village Council relaxed the enforcement of the Sign Ordinance and waived permit fees in an effort to support our local businesses.

With the conclusion of the project, this moratorium will end on June 30, 2021. You can review the Village Sign Ordnance Here to determine if your sign is in compliance. 

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