Planning Commission

The Oxford Planning Commission is charged with recommending to the Village Council the boundaries of the various zoning districts and zoning ordinances to be enforced therein, as any proposed amendments to the zoning ordinances. The Planning Commission also collects data to keep itself informed as to the best practices generally in effect in the matters of municipal planning and zoning to the end that it may be qualified to act on measures affecting the present and future movement of traffic, the segregation of residential and business districts and the convenience and safety of persons and property in any way dependent on city planning and zoning.

Such commission is created in accordance with the provisions of Act No. 285 of the Public Acts of Michigan of 1931 (MCL 125.31 et seq.), as amended, and shall have all the duties and powers, and shall perform all of the functions, provided by such Act as amended. The Planning Commission must also act in accordance with the Michigan Planning Enabling Act, Act 33 of 2008.

The Village Planning Commission consists of seven (7) members, with at least one member but no more than two members of the Oxford Village Council selected by the council as ex officio members, of the six other persons who shall be residents with the exception of one who may be a nonresident and appointed by the president, subject to the approval by a majority vote of the members elect of the council, based on the recommendation from the planning commission. A voting appointed member shall not be an employee of the village, or hold another municipal office, except that one of the appointed members shall be an ex officio member of the zoning board of appeals and up to two of the appointed members may be a member of the Oxford Downtown Development Authority. The terms of ex officio members shall correspond to their respective official tenures.

The term of each appointed member shall be three (3) years or until their successor takes office, except that the respective terms of the two of the members first appointed shall be for one year and two for two years. The Oxford Planning Commission meets twice monthly, on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month. Meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Oxford Village Hall (22 W. Burdick). 

If you are interested on serving on the Planning Commission please contact the Village Offices for additional information. 

Current Planning Commission members:
Justin Ballard - Chair
Term expires end of 2024

Leslie Pielack - Vice Chair
Term expires end of 2024

Scott Flynn
Term expires end of 2025

Maureen Helmuth - Village Council Representative
Term expires November 2026

Chris (CJ) Gozdor
Term expires end of 2023

Jonathon Nold
Term expires end of 2023

Michelle McClellen
Term expires end of 2023

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