Village Council

All legislative or policy forming powers of the Village shall be vested in, exercised, and determined by the Oxford Village Council. The Council is made up of five (5) members. The term of office of each Council person shall commence on and date from the Monday next following the date of the regular Village election at which they are elected.

The Village Council elects one member to serve as the Village President, and one member to serve as the Village President Pro Tem. The Village President shall be recognized as the executive head of the Village and shall preside over Council meetings. The President has an equal voice and vote in the proceedings of the Council, and has no veto power. The President Pro Tem is responsible for performing the duties of the President, when the Village President is temporarily unable to perform the duties of his/her office, and in case of vacancy in the office of President, until such vacancy is filled by the Council. The President Pro Tem also presides over the meetings of the Council at the call of the President.

Village Council meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. 

Agendas, Meeting Minutes & Budget Information 


Village President

Kelsey Cooke

SEMCOG: Delegate

President Pro-Tem

Allison Kemp

Michigan Municipal League: Delegate
Polly Ann Trail: Delegate

Council - Member
Maureen Helmuth

Planning Commission: Council Representative
Oxford Cable Commission: Delegate

Council Member
Jacob Nicosia

Michigan Municipal League: Alternate Delegate

Council - Member
Lori Bourgeau

North Oakland Transportation Authority: Delegate
SEMCOG: Alternate