Pay bills & fees

How to Pay Your Bills

Residents of the Village of Oxford are required to pay their water/sewer/garbage bills on a monthly basis, and are also assessed a single village tax on an annual basis. These fees allow the Village government to function and provide the services needed by the community. In an effort to make it easier for our residents to pay their bills, we offer a variety of ways to make payments.

  • Pay at Village Hall - Customers can drop off payments at the drop box located at Village Hall (22 W. Burdick) on the west side of the Civic Center complex. The drop box in near the exiting driveway. Customers are also encouraged to pay their bills in person at the Village offices within the Civic Center complex where we accept cash, checks, or credit cards. 
  • Pay via mail - Customers can mail their water and tax payments to the Village using the following address (22 W. Burdick, P.O. Box 94, Oxford, MI 48371). If choosing to mail your payment to the Village, please include the small stub from your water bill, and a check for the amount you wish to pay. 
  • Pay Online - Water bills can be paid online. We are in the process up changing our online payment vendors that will offer much better options for payment choices. We anticipate this new setup to be complete by March 2019. 

Additional Information

Water/Sewer/Garbage Bills

Village Water/Sewer/Garbage bills are calculated at the end of each month, and mailed out to each customer during the first week of each month.

Water usage in the Village is charged at $3.96 per 1,000 gallons used, and sewer is charged at a rate of $1.75 per 1,000 gallons used. Both water and sewer have base amount starting at $18.10 for water and $31.17 for sewer. The base amount is higher for larger meter sizes.

Residential Garbage customers are billed $10.92 per month for garbage and recycling services thru August 31st 2019. The Village's waste services provider is Green for Life

Customers have until the 25th of the month to pay their balance, with any outstanding amounts being assessed a penalty of 3.33% per month. Balances that are left unpaid will result in a discontinuation of service, and the outstanding balance may be added to the customer's tax bill. For commercial and industrial customers, larger fees may apply. Please contact the Village offices for additional information.

Village Taxes

The Village of Oxford assesses its residents with a single tax bill on July 1 of each year. The current Village millage rate is 10.62. Oxford Village residents are also assessed two tax bills, one in the summer, and one in the winter from Oxford Township.

Oxford Village Taxes are payable July 1st through August 31st without penalty. On September 1 of each year, a 4% penalty is added to delinquent tax bills, with an additional 1% interested added per month. Tax payments that are unpaid though March 1 of a given fiscal year must be paid at the Oakland County Treasurer's office.

Oakland County handles the assessing efforts for the Village of Oxford. If you have any assessing related questions, please contact Oakland County Equalization Department at (248) 858-0740, or via e-mail at

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Village utility billing, please contact the Village at (248) 628-2543, or via e-mail at