Water Lines FAQ

Why didn't I get a letter? There are two reasons you might not have gotten a letter.
  • The office staff is mailing them as quickly as they can, but due to restrictions the office isn't staffed at it's full capacity. If you're curious you can read the letter sent here
  • If you live in Oxford Lakes or Scripter Park your water lines are all copper, and you won't be getting a letter. 
Is Oxford's water safe to drink?
  • Yes. You can read the results of the water report here.
How do I know if my home has the gooseneck?
  • This map displays the areas that have been updated and that remain to be updated. 
Where can I get more information?
  • You can visit this site that has information about the new Lead Rules for Michigan
  • You can contact the Village Offices at (248) 628-2543