M-24 Utility Relocation Update 11.19.2019


  • Consumers has fully mobilized and is working on South Bound M-24 and at the Drahner intersection.   Within a few weeks they will have work on both South Bound & North Bound.
  • MDOT and Consumers met yesterday morning regarding the South Bound right lane continuous closure.   They are aware of the traffic delay and inconveniences. MDOT allowed a continuous closure to accommodate Consumer’s schedule for them to complete the work prior to our project starting in order to avoid very costly Contractor delay claims. The continuous closure would have saved time daily with mobilizing/demobilizing the traffic control. 
    • Last week got off to a rough start with 2 snow related events early in the week which delayed Consumers along with some last-minute mobilization which prevented their crews from being on the roadway by 8 am each morning.
    • Consumers will close the South Bound right lane between 7:30 am and 6:00 pm Monday-Friday to alleviate some of the morning rush hour back-ups (both lanes will be open until 7:30 am weekdays).   For Consumer’s to complete their relocation work in the required timeframe these are the hours that they will need to work.
    • An additional PCMS (Portable Changeable Message Signs) in both the South Bound & North Bound direction will be added (South Bound prior to Oakwood & North Bound prior to Clarkston) in order to alert commuters early enough so that they can take an alternate route before they get in the back-up.
    • Consumer’s still plans to work this weekend (Nov 23 & 24).  The South Bound closure will remain continuous from 7:30 am on Friday 11/22 to when Consumers completes work on Sunday 11/24.   Both lanes will be back open for Mon morning.
    • Consumer’s feels they can still complete the project by 1/17/20 with the revised traffic restrictions.   They will need to add some additional weekend work to accommodate this (when weekend work is added they will keep the closure 24/7 over the weekend and back open Sunday night)
    • There will be full on activity within the closure from this point on.
  • AT&T just started work on North Bound M-24 north of Burdick (at East) this morning.  They will have a North Bound right lane closure with temporary concrete barriers for 2-3 weeks.  This closure will be continuous as they will have an open cut in the right lane.