Zoning Board of Appeals


The Oxford Zoning Board of Appeals hears appeals, evaluates requests for interpretations and approves or denies dimensional and use variances for properties within the Village. Variances are deviations from the zoning ordinance, which are in place to regulate the use of land within the Village. Board members are appointed by the Village Council, and serve terms of three (3) years, or until thier successor takes office. Board members are also compensated for thier time to preside over cases. 

The Oxford Zoning Board of Appeals meets on an as-needed basis, with meetings scheduled for the first Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Oxford Village Hall. Generally speaking, the Oxford ZBA meets on an as-needed basis. 

The Village is currently seeking alternate candidates to sit on the Zoning Board of Appeals. If you are interested in serving on the Oxford Zoning Board of Appeals, please contact the Village offices for addtional information. 

 Current Zoning Board of Appeals Members 

Joe Bullen Marilyn Benner  
Rose Bejma Scott Jones  
Elgin Nichols Dave Bailey